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  • 24 Affordable Off-Roaders That Can Conquer Any Terrain Off-roading has become more popular in recent years, and it’s easy to understand why: you get to drive your car, you’re out in nature, and it provides a challenge. Automakers have noticed the growing trend and naturally want to capitalize on it. New off-road-capable vehicles can get very expensive as the options lists grow longer...
  • 24 Best Off-Road-Capable SUVs And Trucks In 2024 The off-road vehicle market has exploded! It seems more people want to venture off the beaten path than ever before. That means automakers have had to adapt to customers’ wants and demands. We see rugged vehicles with raised ride heights and four-wheel drive wherever we turn. However, despite their hairy-chested looks, most of these machines...
  • 24 Best Used Cars Worth Their Price Tag Buying a car is one of the most important decisions ever. Ensuring we have the right vehicle with the necessary space or power is vital. New cars, however, are getting ever more expensive. Even the latest wave of electric vehicles is quite pricey, so the used car market is more critical than ever. In this...
  • 14 Powerful V12 Supercars That Everyone Loves The V12 engine configuration is often synonymous with luxury, power, and prestige in the automotive world. While V12 engines are revered for their smoothness, performance, and unique exhaust notes, cars equipped with these engines are relatively rare and often exclusive. Whether due to limited production numbers, high price tags, or bespoke engineering, these V12-powered vehicles...
  • 20 Fastest Selling Used Cars of 2024 In the fast-paced world of used car sales, certain models outshine the rest, racing off the lots almost as soon as they’re listed. Let’s take a closer look at the top contenders that are zooming off the market, leaving buyers scrambling to secure their dream ride. 1. Honda HR-V The Honda HR-V dominates the used...
  • 14 Gas Guzzlers to Avoid Buying in 2024 When it comes to choosing a vehicle, fuel efficiency is a crucial factor to consider, not just for your wallet but also for the environment. In 2024, it’s important to steer clear of vehicles that guzzle gas, contributing to higher fuel costs and increased carbon emissions. Here’s a rundown of 14 gas-guzzlers that you should...
  • 15 Vintage Muscle Cars Perfect for Any Budget Dreaming of hitting the open road in a vintage muscle car? You don’t need a bottomless bank account to make that dream a reality. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a first-time enthusiast, there’s a perfect classic ride waiting for you, no matter your budget. From affordable classics to high-end gems, we’ve curated a list...
  • 15 New Cars Plummeting in Value In the ever-changing landscape of the automotive industry, some vehicles experience a rapid decline in value, making them attractive options for budget-conscious buyers but a concerning prospect for owners looking to retain their investment. From luxury sedans to compact hatchbacks, various factors contribute to the plummeting value of these cars, ranging from reliability issues to...
  • 15 Greatest Chevys Ever Built Chevrolet, an iconic American automotive brand, has a storied history of producing vehicles that have left an indelible mark on the automotive landscape. From rugged trucks to sleek sports cars, Chevrolet has consistently delivered vehicles that capture the hearts and imaginations of drivers around the world. From classic icons that defined generations to modern marvels...
  • EV Owner? Here’s the Worst Places To Live in the US Do you currently own an EV? Or are you looking to own an EV? If you’re an electric vehicle owner, you might have experienced some of the hassle of charging an EV. However, if you’re looking to purchase an EV shortly, knowing which cities and states are better equipped to handle electric vehicle ownership is...
  • Toyota Is Giving Customers a $40,000 Discount On The 2023 Toyota Mirai Are you interested in buying a hydrogen vehicle? Now’s the time. According to a report from Wards Auto, the Japanese automotive behemoth is so eager for consumers to purchase the 2023 edition of their hydrogen fuel cell vehicle that they’re willing to knock up to $40,000 off its price tag. One Wild Fire-Sale To put...
  • 24 Sports Cars That Lost All of Their Coolness as They Aged In the world of sports cars, what’s hot today can easily become a flop tomorrow. We have a list of 24 sports cars that used to turn heads but now don’t quite get the same attention. Whether it’s because of old designs or being outshined by newer models, this is why these cars went from...
  • 24 Japanese Sedans That’ll Keep Up With Sports Cars Japanese car manufacturers are known for their reliable and somewhat dull cars. However, automakers from the land of the rising sun have also produced some desirable performance cars. We’re not just talking about sports car legends such as the Nissan Skyline, Acura NSX, and Mazda RX-7 either. Some exciting Japanese sedans have emerged over the...
  • 13 Worst Tire Brands To Avoid Tires make or break your ride. You can have the best car on the market, but terrible tires can ruin the experience. With over 400 brands in the North American market alone, there are plenty of options, making navigating it intimidating. Heck, even luxury vehicle tires can miss the mark.  While no tire is perfect,...
  • 24 Cars Through History That Everyone Hated Throughout the history of the automobile, there have been some remarkable vehicles. Cars like the Jaguar E-Type, McLaren F1, and Ferrari 250 GTO instantly spring to mind. However, there have also been quite a few flops over the years. Flops like the Pontiac Aztek, the AMC Pacer, and the Chrysler PT Cruiser are just some...
  • Your Car’s Resale Value: 15 Factors That Make a Big Difference Selling your car, whether back to the dealership as a trade-in or to get some extra cash, has a lot of factors to consider. Knowing your car’s most accurate resale value is crucial in preventing yourself from getting lowballed or severely overestimating how much you can get for it.   Before you begin your car-selling journey,...
  • 24 Cheap Cars That Can Do 0-60 in Under 6 Seconds Who says exhilarating performance has to come with a hefty price tag? In the world of automotive enthusiasts, the thrill of acceleration is often associated with high-end sports cars commanding six-figure price tags. However, there’s a growing lineup of affordable cars that deliver impressive 0-60 mph times in under six seconds without breaking the bank....

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  • 남원소방서, 소방차 길 터주기 캠페인 실시.. 신속한 출동 상황 유지
    남원소방서, 소방차 길 터주기 캠페인 실시.. 신속한 출동 상황 유지
  • 의정부시, 화물차 위반행위 NO 캠페인 추진.. 대형차 사고 예방 나서
    의정부시, 화물차 위반행위 NO 캠페인 추진.. 대형차 사고 예방 나서
  • ‘결국 OO 확정’ 강릉 급발진 의심 사고, 의외의 근황에 네티즌 깜짝
    ‘결국 OO 확정’ 강릉 급발진 의심 사고, 의외의 근황에 네티즌 깜짝
  • 국내 이동통신3사가 추진하는 사업”10억 년 걸릴 문제를 단 100초 만에 풀어요”
    국내 이동통신3사가 추진하는 사업”10억 년 걸릴 문제를 단 100초 만에 풀어요”
  • “해냈다” 삼성전자, 성능 25%·용량 30% 올린 LPDDR5X D램 개발 성공
    “해냈다” 삼성전자, 성능 25%·용량 30% 올린 LPDDR5X D램 개발 성공
  • “현지 고객에 최선 다할 것” 현대캐피탈, 현대차 따라 호주·인도네시아 사업 개척 나선다
    “현지 고객에 최선 다할 것” 현대캐피탈, 현대차 따라 호주·인도네시아 사업 개척 나선다
  • 포스코, 국내 최초 수산화리튬 상업 생산 성공…“초도 출하”
    포스코, 국내 최초 수산화리튬 상업 생산 성공…“초도 출하”
  • 삼성전자 반도체, ‘中자동차’ 시장 겨냥한 베이징모터쇼 첫 참가
    삼성전자 반도체, ‘中자동차’ 시장 겨냥한 베이징모터쇼 첫 참가
  • “완전히 고속철도네”…민주당이 20분 만에 ‘힘’ 과시하는 방법
    “완전히 고속철도네”…민주당이 20분 만에 ‘힘’ 과시하는 방법
  • LG전자 조주완 CEO…美 방문해 MS 대표 만나 ‘AI 협업’ 가속화
    LG전자 조주완 CEO…美 방문해 MS 대표 만나 ‘AI 협업’ 가속화
  • 너도나도 망하는데… 서울시 메타버스 사업에 들어간 혈세 규모
    너도나도 망하는데… 서울시 메타버스 사업에 들어간 혈세 규모
  • 사막도시 두바이 덮쳤다…최소 20명 사망케한 ‘구름씨앗’ 뭐길래
    사막도시 두바이 덮쳤다…최소 20명 사망케한 ‘구름씨앗’ 뭐길래

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